MCCU Houston TX App Reviews

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Same problem here

Update does not work Disclosure page with blank white screen freezes the program

Can’t even log in

Old app was great, worked perfect. This new one I can’t even access my account. Don’t try to fix what’s not broken.

Completely worthless

Disclosure statement won’t load. Can’t accept terms = Can’t login. Worthless app. MCCU, why aren’t you responding to your members concerns? Credit Union needs to get their app together.

What’s wrong with this thing??!

I was able to use it 1 time the 1st time I downloaded the app. Now when I try to log in it won’t complete the “retrieving accounts” bar. I can’t get in! Very frustrating.

Update doesn’t work

The app worked great before the update, but after the update, I’ve been able to access my account only twice (literally only on the day I downloaded the update). Now, immediately when I log in, a “Disclosure” page pops up with no text loaded. The only buttons available are “accept” and “decline”. Pressing either buttons does not make the disclosure page go away, so I can’t access my account. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and it doesn’t help.

Mccu app

Trash, that is all.

Doesn’t work (update)

Only worked once when updated, now it doesn’t work at all, app opens but when you log in it gets stuck in “retrieving our accounts”




The app won’t even open, it just loads...

Fix it

It’s been almost 2 months since I have had access to my account using this app. Finally got an update and it still isn’t working. This is so frustrating.

Doesn’t Work!

I’ve been trying to use it for the first time, and it just keep freezing up! It doesn’t even get me to the summary!

Downloaded new app

Going through the new app and I’m getting an error. Can’t log in!!! And after having no app for weeks!!

Update app

Took a long time to load when I used the Touch ID. I had to refreshed this app 3 times to go back to the home page.

Never works

Servers always busy

Not happy with App!

Why is that I can not login? I have deleted and reloaded the app. I’ve called my branch and no help! Why is it that? I believe I will be canceling all 4 of our accounts and find a more competent credit union who values me as a customer. How sad...... 14 year long member just to be ended because I can’t be help and treated with no respect. It’s ok! You can’t hold my money now...... I hope others also move on and find a better credit union!

Absolutely Terrible

Not only do they take forever to fix the app since EVERY iOS update breaks it, but they have now had mobile deposits “under maintenance” for days! That’s one of the only reasons that I even use the app! Stop being so worthless, MCCU.


Okay I’m not even gonna start on how long Members Choice took(4 months) to update this app to work on iOS 11... And now another issue that literally always happens is error code 503. Basically after work hours (5pm) and on weekends the app literally doesn’t give you access to login. Only works during working hours which is so absurd, I can’t stand being with this bank anymore, SO OUTDATED!!!

Always an error

There’s always a connection error when logging in. Despite the internet connection being just fine, it always has issues connecting to the server.

Would give negative stars

I would give negative stars if possible. I’ve been with this bank for more than 10 years. The app was in and out on ios10, but when ios11 came out, nothing has worked. The app constantly loses connection with the server. It is always crashing. It took forever for an update. This and a few other things make me want to move banks. I love the credit union but come on how much more can customers complain before we are heard.

Used to work

Since he update, there is no longer an easy fingerprint sign in or Mobil deposit.

Bad app

Don’t work!! Won’t let you login it always says password is wrong.... tried deleting it & reinstalling it still the same issue... 😔

New app looks great.

I like the new app. It works great on iOS 11!

Love it

It works perfectly with the new IOS 11.1.2 Haven’t been able to use it for over a month while update was being developed. Works perfect, absolutely love the new look!

Great App!

Updated review 11/26/17: Jackpot!!!! The new update looks great and has a nice user friendly flow. I have already made a transaction through the new version and love it. Hope this is a sign of MCCU keeping up with iOS. I have 4 stars because I haven’t used all of the normal features I usually use yet. Once I do, I will update which will be soon.

Update the app to work apple iOS 11

Please contact the developer to allow your app to support iOS 11

Mobil banking

UPDATE YOUR APP ....I’m fixing to close my account and just bank with someone else that can keep up with there Mobil banking! Very frustrating.....


Dang, I keep waiting to update my other idevice but this is getting ridiculous!

Used to Work great

Updated: This app used to work great. They haven't updated it for iOS 11. They can afford a new building but won't pay to update their iOS app.

Update app for IPhone

Please update this app ASAP!

No update for iOS 11

WTH? Your competitors have no issue, why you? I may to leave this cu.

Update or I change banks

Seriously in this day and age mobile app development isn’t hard. You had a long time to prepare for iOS 11. Update your app or I will be forced to change banks.


10year old design this App??? Update the app. Why should I stay with this credit union if don’t have a mobile app

iOS 11

It’s been a month now for waiting to get new app works with iOS 11. It’s frustrating and thinking to switch over to other banks. When you guys are planing to update????


It’s been about 2-3 months since the iOS 11 release and still no update so it can be compatible! I need to check my account!! Honestly thinking about switching banks because of this issue!

App needs to updated to work with iOS 11.0

Please update app as customers need mobile banking. Thanks

Useless on ios 11 as of 11/16/17

Needs update.

Update app please

Pleas update the app. Cannot use it at all with new iOS update.

Still has yet to update app

I believe it’s been over a month and the app has yet to be updated. Thinking of switching CU if they can’t fix it soon. 😡

About to switch

There has been more than enough time to get a simple app fixed. I’m about to switch back to Chase bank if it’s not updated soon.

Update the app!!!

1 star because the app doesn’t work with iOS 11. PLEASE update the app for the members so that we can use mobile banking. I’ve tried to logon to the website and it always says my password is incorrect. To avoid locking myself out I had to stop using the website. The app used to allow a way around so that I could still use mobile banking, but not anymore because it doesn’t work with the last 2 or 3 iOS updates. I’m not the only one who has the issue with my password on the website. It’s frustrating and annoying. UPDATE. THE. APP.

Update your app please for iOS 11

How come this bank can afford to pay for bigger building but won’t or taking their time to update for iOS 11 apple? ... when ask about it they will say “ we’re working on it ‘ , think I’ll keep my Bank of America for awhile until this bank care about their customers. How come other credit union is up to date on their apps ? Is this bank going broke?

This app NEEDS to be updated

I check my bank accounts quite frequently via the apps, and this is extremely difficult to do because this app hasn’t been updated for months now. I had my debit card # stolen, and didn’t even know because I couldn’t log on. We only knew because my husband received a phone call days later.


Update your app so everyone can use it again!

Update it for iOS 11!

It is inexcusable that it’s been two months and this is still not updated for iOS 11. It’s not like you didn’t know it was were told it was warning it needed to updated. Complete customer service failure!

Fix It

You’ve had 2 years notice to update this app. Get it done

Works okay but old, needs update.

I used this app for awhile and rarely had issues however they have not updated it in a long time and now it will no longer work on my phone. Need to update!

update pls

app was decent but it needs to be updated so users can, well, use it.

iOS 11

App does not work with iOS 11. When will the app be updated?


When are you guys going to update this App. ? It’s horrible that we can’t anything on it

  • send link to app